lubrication system

система смазки

Англо-русский словарь по гражданской авиации. — М.: Скорпион-Россия. . 1996.

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  • lubrication system — The system which stores, cleans, cools, and recirculates oil in an engine to lubricate its moving parts and bearings. It includes the oil pump, oil pan or sump, oil coolers, tubing, filters, oil passages in the block, and dashboardoil gauge.… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • hydrodynamic lubrication system — A type of lubrication system in which the surfaces to be lubricated are separated by a substantial quantity of oil. The oil has the effect of keeping the two surfaces apart. Also called fluid film lubrication. Hydrometer measuring density of a… …   Aviation dictionary

  • dry sump (lubrication) system — An engine lubrication system in which the lubricating oil is carried in an external tank and not internally in a sump. The sump is kept relatively free from oil by scavenging pumps, which return the oil to the tank after cooling. The opposite of… …   Aviation dictionary

  • expendable lubrication system — The expendable, or total loss, lubrication system is the one in which the oil is spilled overboard after it has lubricated the engine …   Aviation dictionary

  • hot-tank lubrication system — A lubrication system of gas turbine engines in which hot oil from the engine is returned to the tank without cooling …   Aviation dictionary

  • oil jet lubrication system — A method of cooling and lubricating the main bearings, in which jets of oil are placed close to the bearings and directed into the clearance spaces …   Aviation dictionary

  • system — An orderly, interconnected, complex arrangement of parts. See accumulator system air filtration system air injection reaction system air system alarm system anti dive system anti lock brake system anti noise system …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • lubrication — See lubricate. * * * Introduction of any of various substances between sliding surfaces to reduce wear and friction. Lubricants may secondarily control corrosion, regulate temperature, electrically insulate, remove contaminants, or damp shock.… …   Universalium

  • pressure lubrication — [1] Forced feed lubrication. [2] Lubrication system with crankcase scavenging. Fresh oil is supplied from a separate container and lubricates the engine components as it passes through the crankcase. The oil is ignited along with the air/fuel… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • cold tank system — A lubrication system in which the oil cooler is located in the scavenge oil subsystem. The oil passes through the cooler and returns to the tank cooled. A typical turbojet cold tank (dry sump) lubrication system …   Aviation dictionary

  • wet sump lubrication — The usual engine lubrication system in which the oil is carried in a pan below the crankshaft. Such a system relies on gravity draining the circulated oil and needs no return pump …   Dictionary of automotive terms

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